I am using natural dyes and colours from plants in an extended and experimental form to understand communications between human, plants and animals. I blur the boundaries between art, science and philosophy, creating biochemical natural colour processes. Interdisciplinary art projects highlighting the environmental sensitivities, water quality and sustainability.

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Jeanette Schäring | Srishti University – Artist in Residence
Jeanette C. Schäring Environmental transdisciplinary artist blurring the boundaries between art, craft, science and philosophy. I utilise natural materials, colours from nature, water and plant communication to highlight social and environmental sensitivities.
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Srishti University – Artist in Residence

Srishti University – Art, Design and Technology

Bangalore India November – December 2016. Colour facilitates a higher form of communication, evoking native instincts and recognition, we have a natural dye perception. The resulting natural colours in different places are often a reflection of the surroundings and can provide clues and indications to livelihood, water quality and the general state of the environment. Colour from plants and water evokes questions about humanity, migration, nature and its variation. Plant colours are deeply interwoven with human life and culture from the shifting hues that told early humans when fruits and vegetables were edible, to the Indigo dyes that signified royalty for later generations. Intuitively has colour provided us an understanding and status in recognition.” Through this collaboration and artist in residence I will explore the holistic world of natural colour, to perceive the sensory tactile recognition in the surroundings, creating colourant maps in the urban space. To work in the space, the environment, the water, the plants and their possibilities, to investigate and experiment merging ancient knowledge, cultural and historical crafts with new high techniques in connection with natural sciences, biology and chemistry, water, people, space and eco-philosophy.


My work is often active and relational activity-based art relating to ecology and socially engaged art, environmental and development issues based on considerations of ethics and sustainable development – I am an artistic researcher based in Sweden, but I work both nationally and internationally.