I am using natural dyes and colours from plants in an extended and experimental form to understand communications between human, plants and animals. I blur the boundaries between art, science and philosophy, creating biochemical natural colour processes. Interdisciplinary art projects highlighting the environmental sensitivities, water quality and sustainability.

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Blå Stället – Angered
Jeanette C. Schäring Environmental transdisciplinary artist blurring the boundaries between art, craft, science and philosophy. I utilise natural materials, colours from nature, water and plant communication to highlight social and environmental sensitivities.
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Blå Stället – Angered

H2O – Vems vatten är du? – Solo exhibition

The exhibition depicts the biochemical processes of colour in water and raises questions about our impact on the environment we live in and are part of. The water in the exhibition is collected from many different sources, by people in Angered and around. Biochemical processes have started naturally by using plant material. The time and the light will show the variability of the organic, natural material and create colors and shades – a process that is affected by how the water has been affected. In the exhibition is also water from human beings; as saliva, urine, cerebrospinal fluid – brain water.


Arthall – Blå Stället Angered

15 October till 13 November 2016 – vernissage 15 October 1pm

Artist talk 25 October 2016 – samtal i konsthallen link to blå stället