I am using natural dyes and colours from plants in an extended and experimental form to understand communications between human, plants and animals. I blur the boundaries between art, science and philosophy, creating biochemical natural colour processes. Interdisciplinary art projects highlighting the environmental sensitivities, water quality and sustainability.

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Jeanette C. Schäring Environmental transdisciplinary artist blurring the boundaries between art, craft, science and philosophy. I utilise natural materials, colours from nature, water and plant communication to highlight social and environmental sensitivities.
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Jeanette Clark Schäring



2003-2006   MFA, Textile Art, Gothenburg University, Sweden

2000-2003   BFA, Textile Art, Gothenburg University, Sweden

1998-2000   Fine Art, Sculpture and Painting, KV-Art school, Extension University, Gothenburg, Sweden

1995-1997   Esthetical Art, Helsjöns Folk School, Sweden

1994-1995   Ceramic education


Extra curricular free-standing projects and workshops

2005    SIDA, MFS, Minor Field Study in Laos, Ecological silk and Natural dying, Gothenburg University

2004    Ice and snow sculpturing conference, Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Norway

2003    Research and Art project studies, 8 weeks, Finland, Gothenburg University, Sweden

2002    Research Art project studies in, 8 weeks, Thailand/Laos, Gothenburg University, Sweden

2002    Fourth International Shibori Symposium, England

2002    Computer weaving course, Finland

2001    Research and Art project studies in, 8 weeks, Thailand/Laos, Gothenburg University, Sweden


Solo Exhibitions

2019     ‘Hypersea, We are all bodies of water emerged out of the same life – the sea, refraction light and colour’, Vänermuseet, Sweden

2019     Vems Vatten är du? Vetlanda Museum, Sweden

2018     Whose water are you? The Colour and Communication in Nature! Tomelilla Konsthall, Sweden

2018    Ageless Water, Eternal Colour – BLUE and Sisters spinning the thread. Ronneby Kulturcentrum Sweden

2018    Whose water are you? Tauranga Art Gallery, New Zealand

2016    H2O Whose water are you? Blå Stället Angered Sweden

2015 -16 Whose Water are you? Skövde Konsthall, Skövde Sweden

2014    Submersive Aquagarden FAS fiber ART Showrum, Stockholm Sweden

2013    State of Matter and water, Gallery Two Little Birds, Gothenburg Sweden

2013    Matter in Motion and the Mysticism of Natural Colours, Botanical Garden Gothenburg, Sweden

2013    The Submersive Aquagarden ‘Viskan’, Navet Science Center, Borås, Sweden

2013    The Interconnectedness of life, Gustavianum Museum Uppsala, Sweden

2012    Artist in Residence Exhibition Steneby, Gothenburgs University, Sweden

2011     EPHEMERA in change, Rydals Museum Sweden, (duo)

2011     EPHEMERA and a bittersweet sadness at their passing, Ronneby Culture centrum Sweden (duo)

2011     Colour of Nature – Matter in Motion Linne’ garden Uppsala, Sweden

2011     Botanical Transformation Botanical Gardens Gothenburg, Sweden

2010     Colour is the force of matter² Sädesmagasinet, Ludvika Sweden

2010     Colour is the force of matter² NotQuite Gallery, Dalsland Sweden (solo)

2009     Natural colour pigment, alchemy & textile Nääs Arts and Craft, Sweden

2009     Allotropy Toi Pōneke Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

2006     Probing Galleri Fisk c/o Röda Sten, Gothenburg, Sweden,

2004     Textile as expression Rydals Museum, Marks Municipality, Sweden


Group Exhibitions

2017      “Letter to my dear” Borås Museum, Borås Sweden

2016      Mönster och Färger, Almgrenska Sidenväveri, Museum, Stockholm

2016     Gallery 54 Gothenburg, Sweden

2016      Water lab, Ventkatappa Bangalore, Together with students at Srishti Artdesign Technology

2015     Check Point Leornado Oulu Artmuseeum, Oulu Finland

2015 and 2016  Art and Science, Innovation exhibition ECOCENTRUM Gothenburg

2014     Dying to Know – Colour Lab, Supermarket Art Fair Stockholm Sweden

2014     ‘Next Level Craft’ Västerbottens Museum, Sweden

2013      Supmersive Aqua garden,  Kaarina Art Museem, Finland

2013      Checkpoint Leonardo, Jyväskylä Artmuseum, Finland

2012      From Liljevalchs to Nääs, Nääs Arts and Crafts, Floda Sweden

2012      Hemslöjden på Liljevalchs, Stockholm, Sweden

2012      Kulturhuset Kajutan, Orust, Sweden

2011      Sustainable homes Nääs Floda, Sweden

2011      ISEND, Exhibition on Natural dye, La Rochelle, France

2010      Unrevelling Sweden Eca Gallery, Calcutta, India

2010      ART TEXT ILE Mahara Gallery, Kapiti Cost, New Zealand

2010      RE-FIBRA: Contemporary Textile Art – A Dialogue between New Zealand and Sweden, Blue Oyster Gallery Dunedin, New Zealand

2009      Fibra Spirare, working through culture, textile and spirit, Rydals Museum, Sweden

2009      Changing Threads National Fibre Art Award, the Refinery Gallery, Nelson, New Zealand

2008      Post Stitch, Lopdell House Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

2008      Quality of Life and Swedish Art & Design Extended, St Paul Street Gallery, Auckland New Zealand

2008      Cold Comfort, the Craft sublime, (by invitation), The Suter Gallery, Nelson, New Zealand

2007      Culturally Routed, the Refinery Gallery, Nelson, New Zealand

2007      Play with Linnè Alingsås Art Hall, Alingsås, Sweden

2006      Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg, Sweden

2005      Gothenburg City Public Library, Gothenburg, Sweden

2003      Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, Sweden

1996      Borås Art Museum, selected, Borås Municipality, Sweden


Artist in Residency

2017   Madagascar Gästataljevistelse VG regionen Sweden

2017   Kala Bhavana (institute of Fine Arts) Vissa Bharati University India

2016   Interimship/Artist in Residence Srishti Institute for art and design

2012   Steneby, Gothenburgs University, Sweden


Grants and Awards

2018    Creative NZ Arts, Council of New Zealand, Toi Aotearoa

2016    VG regionens Ataljesupport Sweden, Artist in Residence Madagascar

2016     IASPIS Artist in Residence/interim Srishti Bangalore India.

2016     Helge Ax:sons Jonsson Foundation, travel research India

2016     IASPIS, invitation of an artist to Sweden

2016     Estrid Ericson Fondation, travel research India and Bangladesh

2015     Helge Ax:son Jonsson Foundation, travel research

2015     Stiftelsen Längmanska Kulturfonden, for bockproject

2014     Kulturbryggan, Government funding

2014     The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s Two years Working Grant

2013     Nordisk Kulturfond, Nordic – Baltic mobility program for Culture

2012     Estrid Ericsons Foundation, travel research

2012     The Swedish Arts Grants Committee konstnarsnamnden.se, project

2011      Göteborgs Slöjdförening “Emma Jacobssons fond” Award

2010      The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s Working Grant

2010      Stiftelserna Wilhelm och Martina Lundgrens Vetenskapsfond, Research

2010      Estrid Ericson Foundation, Research

2010      Embassy Sweden, Canberra, Australia

2009      Creative NZ Arts, Council of New Zealand, Toi Aotearoa

2009      Tasman District Council Award, New Zealand, Award

2009      Embassy of Sweden, Canberra, Australia, Solo exhibition in New Zealand

2008      Estrid Ericson foundation, travelling scholarship, New Zealand

2006      Eric Ericson foundation: Visual Art Award, one year working grant

2006      Karna Askers trust fund: Award

2005      Otto and Charlotte Manneheimers scholarship fund

2005      Estrid Ericson foundation

2004      Adlerbertska foundation, Travelling scholarship

2004      SIDA, Minor Field Studies, MFS, two months in Laos

2004      Otto and Charlotte Manneheimers scholarship fund, Travel scholarship

2003      Estrid Ericson foundation

2003      Estrid Ericson foundation, Travel scholarship Finland

2002      Estrid Ericson foundation, Travel scholarship Thailand-Laos

2002      August Rignérs scholarship fund, Travel scholarship Thailand-Laos

2000      KV-Art schoolfoundation artist award


Selected assignments and Projects

2019      Creative schools project for schoolchildren in the age 9-10, The Swedish ArtsCouncil, Lidköping Council and Vänermuseet

2019      Lecturer for environmental agents, Vänermuseet, Lidköpings Council

2015      Lecture at Kala Bhavana(Institute of Fine Arts) Visva Bharati University India

2014     VIP invitation for the fashion show at International Forum of Natural Dyes and Weft Taiwan and presentation of the paper ‘Woad – joining art, crafts and science’

2014      The International Science Festival Gothenburg ‘Visionary interdisciplinary collaborations –   meetings between art and science’ conversation between Jeanette Schäring and Professor Jonas Bergquist Moderator Fröydi Lazlo

2013 – 14    Art and Science  Navet Science Center Borås a project around colour and the river Viskan

2014       Supermarket Art Fair Stockholm, Dying to Know – FAS ColourLab

2012-14    A visionary art interdisciplinary project between art, science and learning processes in collaboration with Professor Jonas Bergquist, funded by The Swedish Art Grant Committee 2012

2014      Lecture The Swedish School of Textile University of Borås

2013      Budapest Water Summit, workshop

2013      Lecture, Seminar: Fashion and Identity, Consumption and Sustainability. Museum of World Culture Stockholm

2013      Experimental Natural Dye workshop for University students in Sweden at The National Museums of Culture (Ethnographic) Stockholm, Sweden

2013      Creative School project Borås

2013      Collaboration with Navet Science Center, Borås Sweden ‘Art and Science’

2013      Lab 13, Riksutställningar, interdisciplinary processer and learning in rooms

2013      Lecture at Jyväskylä Art Museum,  Finland Art and Science

2012      Artist in Residence, Steneby Gothenburg University 2012-14 A visionary art interdisciplinary project between art, science and learning processes in collaboration with Professor Jonas Bergquist, funded by The Swedish Art Grant Committee

2012      Paper presentation, ISEND WEFT 2012, Kuching, Malaysia ‘An Experience of working with Natural Dye and High Technological Weaving in Sweden’

2012      Collaboration with Margareta Bergstrand Riksantikvarieämbetet / National Heritage Board. Presentation at Dyes in History and Archaeology 2012

2011       International Symposium and Exhibition on Natural dye ISEND, France

2011      Guest Lecturer, Experimental Natural Dye Workshop, HDK, Gothenburg University

2011      Uppsala Kommun, exhibition Linneträdgården and workshop at Biotopia Uppsala, Sweden

2010      Master Workshops in Experimental and Environmental Natural Dye, Nääs Arts and Craft, Not Quite

2010      Natural dye Laboratory in Collaboration with Nääs Konsthantverk and Bod2010 Floda, Sweden – on going summer project

2010      Biodiversity day in Uppsala and Linné botanical garden, in collaboration with Uppsala University Sweden

2010      Guest lecturer, Art and Craft seminaries at HDK, Gothenburg University

2009/10 Project coordinator/curator for re-Fibra: Contemporary Textile Art A dialogue between New Zealand and SwedenBlue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand

2009      Lecturer at Massey University Textile Design, New Zealand

2009      Guest Lecturer at Whitireia Polytechnic, New Zealand

2009      Master workshop Nääs Arts and Crafts, Sweden

2009      Master workshop Loftadalens Folk School, Sweden

2009      Guest speaker at Nordic Textile Art exhibition, Textile Museum Borås, Sweden

2009      Project coordinator/curator for Fibra Spirare, working through culture textile and spirit, bringing artists and their work for theexhibition at Rydals Museum, Sweden

2008/09 Collaboration with CGM AB Swedish International Company, art project – Sound absorbing textiles for advanced operator workplaces in 24/7 related environments, Sweden

2009      Lecturer master workshop, Whitireia, Kapiti Summer School, New Zealand

2008      Artist talks AUT University, St Paul Street Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

2008      Visiting lecturer at Textile Design, Massey University, New Zealand

2007      Guest speaker at NMIT, Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, New Zealand



Alingsås Municipality, Sweden

Marks Municipality, Sweden

CGM AB, Borås, Sweden



KRO Swedish Artists National Association

FAS Fibre Art Sweden


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