I am using natural dyes and colours from plants in an extended and experimental form to understand communications between human, plants and animals. I blur the boundaries between art, science and philosophy, creating biochemical natural colour processes. Interdisciplinary art projects highlighting the environmental sensitivities, water quality and sustainability.

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Book published – Matter in Motion and the Mysticism of Nature´s Colour
Jeanette C. Schäring Environmental transdisciplinary artist blurring the boundaries between art, craft, science and philosophy. I utilise natural materials, colours from nature, water and plant communication to highlight social and environmental sensitivities.
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Book published – Matter in Motion and the Mysticism of Nature´s Colour

In the book “Matter in Motion and the Mysticism of Nature´s Colour- the Art of Jeanette Schäring” we are presented to a unique body of work, combining traditional knowledge of dyeing with plants, environmentalism and contemporary artistic research. By foregrounding the processual character of natures colours rather than focusing on the practical uses of pigments and fibres, Schäring opens her work to a contemporary discussion involving new-materialist thinking, theories of thinking, language and interspecies communication as well as ethical reflections on gender, human rights and just sharing of the worlds resourches. In Schärings art the colours produced through the complex interaction of plants, water and bacterial fermentation becomes a language indicating both water quality, bacterial activity and how the plant has been growing, thereby translating a kind of Earthly fundamental language to our human perception.

The book is the second issue of the 284 Publishers series Co/Co-, Coevolution Concept. The aim of the series is to broaden our perspectives about living on Earth and discuss it as a continual practice of co-habiting and co-involving as part of a multi-species network. Jeanette Schärings book is the first book in the series to acknowledge the multi-layered importance of relating to plants, and as such rise philosophical questions even about the nature of light and distribution of clean water.

The book is speckled with essays by writers from four continents:

Jeanette Schäring, (artist, Sweden / New Zealand) Pooja Kaul (PhD Philosophy, India) Heather I Sullivan (Professor of modern languages, ecocriticism, USA) Ingmar Meland (PhD philosophy, Norway) Ida Bencke (poet, ecocriticism, Denmark/Germany) Jonas Bergquist (Professor neuro chemistry and analytical chemistry , Sweden) Fröydi Laszlo (artist, editor Sweden/Norway) and Frida Arnqvist Engström (journalist, Sweden. Engström´s essay is in Swedish )

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