Jeanette Schäring


I am intrigued by the eco-poetic sensuous state of entanglement that fluctuates between plants, light, human and more-than-human, microbial life – color processes, (natural dye), fibers, water and our collective memory, our extended mind and embodiment, and how we are all intertwined in the ecosphere and the essence of our ecological reality. Interdisciplinary is essential for the creation of imagination and wisdom, and so are experimentalism, poetry and phenomenology. 

The focal point of my artistic endeavours centers on the extensive research work I do on plants, its medical properties, health benefits, its colours and seeds. I am researching its properties and use, their cultural and colonial history. I am interested in the dying process as a contemporary art practise and bringing awareness. There has been a suppression of knowledge of the healing property in plants.

Sensory systems integrate experiences of our existential encounter with the world, bringing us the truth and the       magic of the world and in to our breath

My work

My research work delves into the interplay between colours and fibres derived from plants, which possess the ability to resonate with our perception, our sensuality, the beauty, and  changeability in nature and life. I am intrigued by the poetic and sensual interconnected state that exhibits variability among colour, plants, human and more than human, microbial organisms, dying techniques, history and fibres, our sensitive ecosystem and our collective memory of colour and plants. And so, my work also encompasses narratives pertaining to, cultural norms, the qualities of water, soil, plants, food as well as the importance of gradual processes of colour (natural dye) and fermentations. I am deeply involved by plants and plant colours and all of their philosophical, physiological, biological, physical, chemical, genetic and aesthetic facets and the history and culture of plants. I work with deep roots in eco-philosophy, experimentalism, phenomenology and merging ancient knowledge with the contemporary, social cultural together with art and science in projects which blur and break the traditional boundaries of disciplines. What does plants, its colour and medical properties, fibers, food and textile has in common

The work process is like life itself – as an open flow, a process of genesis, impossible to define in separate pieces. Working with the natural world is a reminder of nature’s time, schedules and the dynamics of life and human ecology.  

Our bodies consist largely of living organisms that our lives rely on; micro- macro; life as an open flow, impossible to separate into individual pieces as man, as animal and body, a dependent system. In my work I pursue the dissolving borders between mind and body, culture and nature, human and nonhuman – experience and disciplines. I work with the mysterious phenomena in nature and take advantage of living organic systems that give colours and echo of a life process and an aspect of our fragile ecosystems. I have focused during nearly 20 years on Woad and Indigo and using of microbes. 

I grew up in the deep forests of Sweden in the Nordic hemisphere and I am deeply rooted in eco-philosophy with my ancestors. I was born in the cultural textile town Borås and grow up surrounded by its rich textile history. I come from families with a long textile traditions of weavers and spinners, and my ancestors worked in the textile industri. 

 I lived and traveled extensively the world, in countries like Pakistan, Egypt, etc. and later I also became part of the southern hemisphere – Aotearoa (New Zealand). My artistic work has taken me to many places in the world and I have participated in various artistic and interdisciplinary and multi cultural projects, exhibitions, Artist in Residency and conferences on plants, natural dyeing, ecology, water, environment in e.g. Madagascar. Taiwan, Malaysia, Laos, India, Kenya and France. I am also a co-author of books and articles.

 I hold lectures, workshops and creating school and social projekt, and I collaborate with people from within all different facilities all around the world