I am using natural dyes and colours from plants in an extended and experimental form to understand communications between human, plants and animals. I blur the boundaries between art, science and philosophy, creating biochemical natural colour processes. Interdisciplinary art projects highlighting the environmental sensitivities, water quality and sustainability.

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Jeanette C. Schäring Environmental transdisciplinary artist blurring the boundaries between art, craft, science and philosophy. I utilise natural materials, colours from nature, water and plant communication to highlight social and environmental sensitivities.
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My artistic work and research process is like life itself – as an open flow, a process of genesis, impossible to define in separate pieces. The work is process oriented, observed while it changes with time, dependent on light, water, wind, soil, temperature, air, geography, space, human and non-human interaction. My holistic deep interest in nature and human ecology works in parallel with how I create colour from the seed and soil to my own expression. I think it’s fascinating when the organic material/fibre and the biological colour force transforms into a unified physical form. It is an on-going dialogue, where location, flora, water, people, time, light and sound are part of my work.

I am interested in the human perception and the interconnectedness of things in nature and life in which various elements and matters exist in more than one form

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The work is process-based with the flow, temporary installations, water and pigment, development of site-specific matter that grows transforming these physical moments and playing with visions through transparency and translucency to create complex space shifting over time – where time and space are interventions of the contemporary. The environmental physics of life and all energy that is suspended and vibrating together in an enormous system. To create colour and change – a resonance of nature’s complexity, a sensitivity to natures rhythms, undulations and mutations. I am working with fibres, water, material – matter and natural dye for its unlimited possibilities and I am interested in the physical dialogue between the matter and myself.

‘I am interested in the human perception and the interconnectedness of things in nature and life in which various elements and matters exist in more than one form. Working with the craft of slow dynamical processes, the transformation of colour and the artistic process using life circles, inter-species communication, microorganisms, organic fibre/material and organic natural colour, engaging between cultural historical methods, craft, art and science; focusing anywhere in-between the micro and the macro. My works emerge from the meeting between the sensations and the intellectual, the boundary between what we know and what we do not understand. It is transforming and unleashing the often forgotten in nature, which thrives by creating colour through photosynthesis, to communicate and by using colour as an indicator for the environment..

With my body – time – space and material, I seek experiences and sensations that are incomplete and invisible

I am artistically researching slow natural dye – natures colour possibilities and methods. I see the processes as a subject with a broad perspective, philosophical, concerning biodiversity and allowing sustainability on each level down to the atomic. I use slow fermenting processes and experimental methods to create colour; and combine these with digital and other technological methods, in art performance and in linking the interaction between peers and the dyeing process through the concept of performativity in an ethnologic reading of the term. I am researching the haptic perception in communication between my skin – the body as an organism and the natural colour and the coloured material/fibre and water.


Our bodies consist largely of living organisms that our lives rely on; micro- macro; life as an open flow, impossible to separate into individual pieces as man, as animal and body, a dependent system. In my work I pursue the dissolving borders between mind and body, culture and nature, human and nonhuman – experience and disciplines. I work with the mysterious phenomena in nature and take advantage of living organic systems that give colour and pattern, and echo of a life process and an aspect of our fragile ecosystems. Working with the natural world is a reminder of nature’s time, schedules and the dynamics of life and human ecology.’

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