Jeanette Schäring

Ageless Water, Eternal Colour – Blue and Sister Spinning the Thread

Ageless  water, eternal color - BLUE and sister spins the thread

Ageless water, eternal color – BLUE
and sister spinning the thread


Ageless water, Eternal colour BLUE – an exhibition, a colour lab and a vision of life as colour and of us humans as part of a world of microbes and water.
Sisters spin the thread – in the physical movement we become particles, together we create possibilities and thoughts, the old is woven into the new and with the mystic, we move into a new vision of the future. We are all connected.  The exhibition was bout our environment, our fragility, changeability, beauty and spirituality.


Leicester wool from New Zealand, dyed repeatedly in an Indigo fermentation vat, deepening the colour of blue in many different tunes. The differences in wool gave as many different tunes of blue in the changing fermentation vat. I sorted and sorted the wool to build an embodiment that within each circle could hold all life, water and gratitude for all the colours of light.

I used a very sustainable colour process and the use of water. For the wool work, I counted out my cost and compared with the commercial cost and the environmental cost in the use of water and land.


Performance Ronneby Kulturcentrum UtställningThe picture above, is a togetherness performance with Jessica Schäring who read from a historical text in Latin about the goddess who spun the thread of cotton in Aleppo, Syria and Anja Hynynen who played her Shaman drum. Me making a ritual, a kind of ceremony with woad pigment, seeds and water during the play of the shaman drum and the reading. 

Japanese Indigo was growing during the exhibition to be sold as small cuttings and the money was given away for water projects.Exhibition

Ronneby Kulturcentrum, Ronneby Sweden 2018


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