Jeanette Schäring

Artistic research and Performance with Indigo and Woad in Material realism

Communication performance with Indigo and Woad fermentations transformations

Researching Indigo and Woad – BLUE

and fermentation processes 


Artistic research with Indigo and Woad fermentation processes – to create the colour blue.  This is ongoing research work, started in 2007 From green to blue of indigo plants, with colouring processes that connect the earth and the sea with the sky, the colour blue is not just a shade; it is nature and ecology, a web of light, energy, photosynthesis, sensuality, sound, and moving bodies – bacterias. Performance – Photagraphy 2016

Exhibited for example:
Herrgårdsgalleriet Rydals, Kinna 2023
Gallery 54 Gothenburg 2022
One picture used by the Faculty of Arts,Strasbourg Univ. 
(in publication), France 2022
Borås Museum 2017
See more information under the project Indigo and Woad experimentations.
Woad and Indigo performance
Woad and Indigo performance


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