Jeanette Schäring

Listening to the Colour Blue and Tasting the Smell of Dandelion Yellow

Gallery 54 Gothenburg

Listening to the Colour Blue and Tasting the Smell of Dandelion Yellow



"There is an ongoing hybridisation, 
immobilising, immortalising, dissociable 
I am braiding with naked skin, 
the hair of Gaia and my grandmother,
coloured blue 
I am moving into the cybernetic future
navigating with my ancestor's cells, 
in a special extension, 
you call me back"

(Part of a longer text)


Our sensory systems integrate experiences of our existential encounter with the world, bringing us the truth and the world’s magic. Creating colours and fibres from plants means engaging in slow processes with soil, bacteria, water, scents, senses, the moon, and a holistic and emotional physical commitment. Plants and plant colours are modalities of our coexistence.

When the plant’s pigment becomes visible, it is also a story about history, cultural values, the qualities of the water, what genetical material, the soil, the microclimate experienced by plants, and the fermentation of colour processes.

The exhibition was an experimental plant, colour and fibre lab, and a vision of life as colour. In this exhibition, I occupied the room with a mixture of material, multimedia, poetry and an experimental approach to the space and the visitors.

I set the table and invited the visitors to sit in the performance “The Stain on the white linen tablecloth” How are color pigments in our clothes food and culture connected? 

Year 2022 Gallery 54, Gothenburg Sweden

Supported by Göteborgs Stad

Exhibition at Gallery 54 

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