Jeanette Schäring

“Learn the flower go Light”. Once upon a time in the future. Gibca Extended 2023

Installation, Moss cover the floor. Rum44 Gibca Extended 2023

“Learn the Flower Go Light” is my part in the exhibition “Once Upon a Time in the Future” at Rum44, part of Gibca Extended 2023

During my installation time, I lived in my tent worked with its space and place and let the words come to me.

“Stones touching each other, the sound calling. Mist of small droplets of water suspended in the air. Water comes in many forms, as you and me. Past and present, what does it matter, in the ray of light all matters. Sphagnum mosses of living prismatic colour carpets, cover the ground on the marshes, the wetland that accumulates peat. Moss regulates water. Some plants are more talkable than others.” (some of my text)

I covered the floor with moss and barefoot you entered the room. 

Year 2023

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