Jeanette Schäring

Artist in Residence – Kala Bhavan – Visva Bharati – Santiniketan India

Artist in residence at Kala Bhavan – Visva Bharati – Santiniketan India. Invited by Professor Sanchayan Ghosh Department of Painting, Kala Bhavana (Institute of Fine Arts) and the interdisciplinary Arts in Kala Bhavana.

I was fortunate to live in the house of Rabindranath Tagore’s daughter and I had a studio at the bottom of the house. Every day I could walk through the garden, watch the flowers and hear the whispering of poetry in the wind.  I researched and worked together with students and teachers from the whole of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc. We experimented and shared historical knowledge, stories methods and ecology.

I lived among the indigenous ‘Santitaler’ population in Santikitan. They have a limited language and use sounds – song, natural colour and poetry to communicate about earth and nature.

(Tagore started the University for the money he received from the 1921 Nobel Prize in Literature). He created a school where education would take place outdoors under a tree.

The year 2017

This project was Funded by Helge Axelsson Johnssons stiftelse Sweden

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