Jeanette Schäring

Colour Appetite Matters and Colour Me Naturally.

Performance and comunication about plant culture, food and its link to textile and health. Gallery 54 Gothenburg Sweden

 Performance Fläcken på duken (“The stain on the cloth”) Colour Appetite Matters and Colour Me Naturally.  


Colour from plants is deeply intertwined with human life and culture, and the colour vibrates with our senses perceptions and our well-being. Plants, herbs, fruits and other sources of food, give colour both as frequencies in the light spectrum and as microbiological agents in our surroundings communicating with us and entering our bodies, acting on our nervous system and becoming parts of us and of our biological health systems.

The chemically bleached tablecloth is more than the food that stains it, the clean white is often full of chemicals and bleach, severely compromising the health of our bodies and our environments. Food stains on the pure whiteness of the tablecloth are usually considered something dirty and often this white cloth is washed with strong pollutants again and again.During the performance the different colors emerge, in between the conversation between the participants and the environment, the food leftovers and the white table cloth.

After the performance, the tablecloth is then turned into an installation – a process of colour change of food stains, human saliva, sweat, skin and bacteria of different sorts, as well as other microorganisms. The biological, chemical and bacterial colour processes will naturally start, and evolve during time in interaction with space, human, non-human, light and photosynthesis.




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