Jeanette Schäring

Sensual meeting with the plant Woad – Isatis tinctoria

Performance researching the plant Woad

Woad, or Glastum, this powerful plant, its colour and fragrance in transformation with me


“I see plants and their colour and flagrancy surrounded by an emotional atmosphere that I try in different ways to visualize and define. The colours and fragrances from plants are for me dualities of our coexistence in the world”


The fragrances are very powerful when the chlorophyll leaves its leaves. The plant is sacred, it has been used for its unique medical properties, with a documented history of use.

These pictures belong to a long series of performance photos that are presented in a moving image film.

The Latin name is Isatis tinctoria, and the genus name, Isatis, derives from the ancient Greek word for the plant, ἰσάτις. It is occasionally known as Asp of Jerusalem.  

Exhibited for example:                                                                                                                                                         Gallery 54, Gothenburg Sweden 2022                                                                                                                         Ronneby Kulturcentrum, Ronneby Sweden 2018
for more information see my page Woad in innovation

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