Jeanette Schäring

Textile artistic research project in cooperation with Textilmuseum Borås, Sweden

Textile and Colour as a sensual and poetic Resilience.

Colour and fibre from plants are deeply intertwined with human life and culture and colour vibrates with our perceptions and senses and our well-being, with our longing for a sense of place and connection.

The project is an artistic research into the textile cultural history, plants and their colour and the river Viskan, the myths and people with the place and time in Borås and the Sjuhäradsbygden. I am working with reconnecting the sensual contact with the elements and the living textile material that covers our earth and our collective memory of colour and fibres. Colours from plants are deeply interwoven with human life, culture and textiles. 


“Floating plants and underwater forest, some with roots into the underworld. I lick the humidity and the fragrance from the bog myrtle of my skin, we share a secret. Sweet gale, lingonberry, blueberry and white anemone. Phragmites australis some and different sort of grass, some plants are more talkative than others”. Thank you!  (Part of this text used in the exhibition Luotaamaton Alue -The Unsurveyed area, Raumo, Finland 2020 and 2023)

I was born in Borås, with many of my ancestors of my mothers before me working within Textile. 

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2023 Supported by T G Wärenstam and Estrid Ericsson

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