Jeanette Schäring

Taking a Cold bath in the Winter

After a cold bath watching the sunrise, outside Kungälv in the Northern hemisphere

I thought was time to start to sharing my passionate as a women explorer. I don’t separate my artwork from myself, my health and body. I am a health coach artist!I t’s all about our sensitiveness and sensitive ecosystem and ecology.

Its magical to do a cold bath in the ocean in sunrise on a cold day. I feel totally immersed in nature. The benefit of this cold bath is huge. It has helped me to reduce the extreme stress I have had and to deal with very difficult trauma hidden within me, and taken away the crazy pain I have had in my body, face and head during this year of intensive time at the dentist. The cold bath is so good for muscle recovery, but the best benefit for me is the mental, and emotional that will shift in 3 minutes in the cold. Today I was in the water for 6 min, and then I enjoyed the beauty of the environment.

I started to swim in the Pacific Ocean when I lived in a small non-isolated van in NZ during the pandemic and studied Rongoa, with the Māori, the indigenous of Aotearoa. This cold bath and exposure to cold is the best investment I done for my own health! I have some old is-axes from my ice climbing times, that come now to good use. The shawl I am using is Wool dyed with natural dye from NZ, given to me, by my friend before leaving NZ. Jo Muir (fig and honey on instagram)

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