Jeanette Schäring

“The Sacred Room of Blue and Unknown Water” Sollentuna

Welcome to the exhibition

“The Sacred Room of Blue and Unknown Water”

Edsvik, Stallbacken, Sollentuna
Opening Saturday 9 mars klockan 13.00

Edsvik, Stallbacken Kultur 

Plants have the ability to enhance our sensory perception and deepen our understanding of complexity, substance, beauty and fragility through its colour and fibers. This is an Eco-Poetic exhibition around PLANTS and their COLORS and Water that can act as indicators for the quality of water through natural biochemical processes, among other things. In the exhibition I will also show human brain-water (Cerebrospinal fluid).

Art and Science
During the opening, a professor of analytical neurochemistry and I will talk about how Art and Science can collaborate with empathy and understanding for each other’s differences and languages. The sciences and the arts were once, not so long ago, considered very similar, certainly complementary and sometimes even overlapping ways of understanding the world. Today we accept generalisations as the sciences are objective, analytical and rational while the arts are subjective, emotional and based on intuition? But is it so?

“Whose water are you?”
For over a decade I have been working nationally and internationally with water under the title “Whose water are you?” what body of water are you? Exhibitions involving communities, environmental researchers and municipalities about water, our fragility, beauty, love and interconnectedness, where new stories coming alive. These aesthetically build exhibitions brings also serous discussions about clean water and synthetic chemicals that fluctuates in our rivers, in lakes and drinking water and our rights to clean water.




During and in the exhibition at Edsvik, Stallbaken kultur between the 9th of March – the 12th of May, there will be many different events, such as lunchtime lectures, music by the Royal School of Music, dance performances by children and jazz music and much more.

Edsvik, Stallbacken Kultur 


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