Jeanette Schäring

Matter in Motion, State of Matter – colour and Water – Whose Water are you?


“Our bodies are largely composed of living organisms on which our lives depend; micro and macro; life as an open flow where it is impossible to separate individual parts. As humans and more than humans and bodies, we interact in an intertwined system”.

My artistic work revolves around philosophically, holistically and aesthetically approaching the scientific fields of biology and chemistry. She works with organic plantpigment, water, food and human tissue. The exhibition shows, among other things, containers of water from different place”. 

From the catalog: This year we are working to highlight art that relates in different ways to science and academia, and now the turn has come for the autumn’s big exhibition with Jeanette Schäring. An artist who has a background in human biology and whose work directly touches and includes other scientific fields such as biochemistry, neuroscience and medicine. Among other things, she has attracted some attention in the research community for in Skövde where visitors during the course of the exhibition can follow the various biochemical processes that take place completely “naturally” in these depending on the water quality and what is in the water from the beginning.
The exhibition is a place-related natural color cultural process, a laboratory for an experimental process. It is an ongoing dialogue, where place, flora, water, people, time, light and sound are collaborations in and of intricate layers of time and space.

Whose water are you? Meaning whose waterbody are you?

Skövde Konsthall 2015 – 2016

Text folder from the exhibition, Svenska link

Film from the exhibition. Svenska



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