Jeanette Schäring

Whose water are you? The colour and communication in nature!

Whose Water Are you? Installation. Pictures after the sacred flower and water ceremony at the opening of the installation Tomelilla Konsthall 2018

Whose Water are you? The Colour and Communication in nature!

Tomelilla Konsthall

Tomelilla film in Swedish

Tomelilla Konsthall, Sweden 2018

‘The work is process-based with the flow, temporary installations, water and plants, development of site-specific matter that grows transforming these physical moments and playing with visions through transparency and translucency to create complex space shifting over time – where time and space are interventions of the contemporary. The environmental physics of life and all energy that is suspended and vibrating together in an enormous system. To create colour and change – a resonance of nature’s complexity, a sensitivity to natures rhythm,  and mutations, light and our interconnection with all” 

For more information see page Water as sacret 

Whose Water are you?

Has been Tauranga New Zealand at Tauranga Art Gallery 2018. The outcomes of the colours in these projects and exhibitions are always different from one another depending on the space, water, land, people and sound. The cluster of installations is built depending on the room and the space. Aesthetic is very important for me. See more information on my website  Water is life essential element


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