Jeanette Schäring

Jeanette Schäring

Interdisciplinary Textile Artist

Working with Ecology

Plant research and communication with plants and its possibilities and use, during my Artist in Residency at Textile Museum in Borås, Sweden


I am intrigued by the eco-poetic sensory state of entanglement that fluctuates between plants, fragrance, light, human and more-than-human, microbial life – color processes, fibers, water and our collective memory, extended mind, embodiment, and how we are all intertwined in the ecosphere. Interdisciplinary is essential, for the creation of imagination, wisdom and change  and so are experimentalism, poetry and phenomenology all towards biodiversity.

Sensory systems integrate experiences of our existential encounter with the world, bringing us the truth and the       magic of  the breath and the wilderness of our hearts.


The colors from plants have the ability to enhance our sensory perception, deepen our psyche of intricacy, substance, beauty and fragility. The changeabilities in the colours reminding us of nature’s time, schedules and the dynamics of life in nature.

My work

In my artistic research work, which is an in-depth research, I engage with a sensually interconnected eco-poetic methodology that analyses the intricate interplay between the human and the more-than-human world, particularly focusing on elements such as plants, colour, fibre, water, and microbial life, which is an approach that delves into the sensory aspects of this entanglement. The focal point of my artistic endeavours centers on the philosophical and aesthetic exploration of biology, and the intricate dynamics of our delicate ecosystem and our history. I am working with the embodiment and life-strengthen our function of the body, and increase our resilience to be present with the earth.