Jeanette Schäring

Gallery 54 Gothenburg

Listening to the Colour Blue and Tasting the Smell of Dandelion Yellow

Installation, Moss cover the floor. Rum44 Gibca Extended 2023

“Learn the flower go Light”. Once upon a time in the future. Gibca Extended 2023

Communication performance with Indigo and Woad fermentations transformations

Artistic research and Performance with Indigo and Woad in Material realism

Ageless  water, eternal color - BLUE and sister spins the thread

Ageless Water, Eternal Colour – Blue and Sister Spinning the Thread

Photography The Beauty of a Dead Language 5

The Beauty of a Dead Language

Infinity, Sense and Reason - Blue threads in the Ocean and Other Waters

Infinity, Sense and Reasen – Blue threads in Ocean water

Whose Water Are you? Installation. Pictures after the sacred flower and water ceremony at the opening of the installation Tomelilla Konsthall 2018

Whose water are you? The colour and communication in nature!

Performance researching the plant Woad

Sensual meeting with the plant Woad – Isatis tinctoria

Communication between the element, fibre and body movement. conciseness and interconnectedness.. Raises awareness to time and space before me

Performance and Researching fibre and its relationship

I was invited as a VIP designer at the International Symposium and Exhibition on Natural Dyes (ISEND) & World Eco-Fiber and Textile Forum (WEFT)-- Toward an Eco Culture.

Eco poetry in Fashion The Godess of Ice and Water

Colour is the force of Matter. Horsehair

Colour is the force of Matter

Matter in Motion, State of Matter – colour and Water – Whose Water are you?

Performance and comunication about plant culture, food and its link to textile and health. Gallery 54 Gothenburg Sweden

Colour Appetite Matters and Colour Me Naturally.

Artist MRA Scan, digital printing on Silk. Intruder

HOST (biology)

Who am I to define Consciousness Nervcell Installation

Who am I to define Consciousness

Installation. Swedish raw linnen dyed in organic woad and Indigo. On the floor wool dip-dyed in organic slow indigo and woad vat.

The Sky is not Blue


Allotropy and some other older work